Contact us

Address : Office Unit 11,

                   Limerick Enterprise Dev. Park,

                  Roxboro Road,


Tel No  :   061-312621

Email:      addmidwest@eircom.net

24 hour emergency helpline:  085-2330513

4 comments on “Contact us

  1. Hello I am studying ADHD at present and would like to be able to offer support to families with children with ADHD – I am planning to do look at further training
    What do you suggest ?

    Is there a need for parenting ADHD courses
    Is there a need for parent coaches

    i live in Ennis but come to limerick few times a week

    best M

    • Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, there is a need for specific courses on ADHD and for parent coaches.
      Ring us sometime and you can make an appointment to come to talk to us.

      Office no. (061) 312621

  2. This is great !! I will be in Limerick today if thats any good ? I will call you later on to see if it suits

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