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About us



Our voluntary support group has come a long way since Tom Naughton organised its first meeting in St. Mary’s School in 1997 at his own expense.  A voluntary committee was then formed which began to meet monthly in The Bishop’s Palace and after some time moved to The Social Service Centre, Henry Street, Limerick.  With Tom as chairperson the committee organised a very successful conference in Mary Immaculate Training College in 1998 which dealt with the symptoms and treatment of ADHD and co-existing conditions.  Our group were involved in the Oireachtas Report on ADHD in 1999 and traveled to Dublin to be present in the Seanad when this report was being debated.

Members of the group were involved in setting up the first ADHD class in primary school in Ireland.

In 2002 the group opened their own office in the Limerick Enterprise Development Park, Roxboro Road, Limerick and with the help of the HSE have employed a part time Office Administrator for two days a week in their office.

From our formation we have held monthly support group meetings and provided a 24 hour helpline, all on a voluntary basis.  We provide advocacy and information for sufferers of ADHD and their families and run conferences, seminars and give talks to teachers, gardai and other organisations.  We provide Parenting Classes and have had a two year parenting programme evaluated through the University of Limerick and were involved in a two year research project through University College, Cork.

We continue to raise awareness among the public and especially among professionals.  Unfortunately many lives have been ruined because of lack of early diagnosis and early intervention of this treatable medical condition.  We are very aware of the connection between undiagnosed ADHD, substance abuse and suicide.  ADHD is a very treatable condition.  Early diagnosis and early intervention can change and improve lives.

Our group is a member of INCADDS (Irish National Council of ADD Support Groups).

Support group members take part annually in the Limerick Ladies Mini Marathon to fundraise and are always on the look out for people to participate in this event to help our cause.

Anyone looking for further information can contact us on (061) 312621 or attend a support meeting which is held on the first Thursday of each month at 8pm in our office.


  1. To raise awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and co-existing conditions.
  2. To facilitate, inform and promote opportunities for those involved in the service provision for people affected by ADHD.
  3. To develop policies on ADHD and to lobby to have these policies implemented.
  4. To develop appropriate networks and strategic links with relevant bodies at local, national and international level.
  5. To promote activities appropriate to the needs of people affected by ADHD.



The core mission of the Attention Deficit Disorder Mid West Support Committee Limited is to ensure that through early intervention, diagnosis and appropriate treatment that children and adults with ADHD will be facilitated in achieving their full potential.


  1. We provide information and emotional support through our 24 hour helpline – 085-2330513
  2. We hold a monthly support group meeting for adult sufferers and parents and families of children who suffer from ADHD
  3. Our office is open two and a half days per week
  4. We run conferences and seminars for professionals involved with ADHD i.e. teachers, nurses, social workers, doctors.
  5. We run parent coaching courses
  6. We provide advocacy to parents attending professionals or educational meetings
  7. We partake in adult information evenings within the Mid West region
  8. We co-operate and work with Garda Juvenile Liaison Officers as needs arise
  9. As services are almost non existent we spend a lot of our time and efforts fundraising to provide services to enhance the lives of our members
  10. We make it possible for children with ADHD to attend and enjoy mainstream activity summer camps.  We provide the children with specially trained Special Needs Assistants

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